We’re not here to sell pets

We’re not here to sell pets

We’re a pet franchise that’s here to improve the lives of animals and be a resource for our communities.

Four puppies are standing up in a wooden crate with their front paws dangling over the edge. One is tan, one is black and tan, one is buff-colored and one is brindle with a white chest.

EarthWise loves pets. We’re not here to sell pets. We’re more of the adopt-don’t-shop mindset, which is why we get so involved in local pet rescue in our communities. It’s one of the reasons our customers love us: We consider local shelters the best place to buy your pet.

Our EarthWise pet franchisees work hard to be part of the animal-loving community, and by becoming a go-to resource for fellow pet-lovers, they also reap the benefits of positive word-of-mouth. It’s a win-win-win: A win for the animals, a win for the community and a win for our dedicated franchisees.

Here are some of the ways we’re very different from the pet stores of old:

Making connections that matter

We help connect animal lovers with animals that are ready to be loved. Traditional pet stores have become all but obsolete, and would never partner with local animal groups because that would have been direct competition for sales. EarthWise proudly partners with the local Humane Society and pet rescues in our communities, sponsoring many adoption events.

Our customers turn to their local EarthWise pet franchise to acquire the products and services they need to help keep their fur babies healthy and happy as long as possible. Our franchise owners are provided with comprehensive training and become certified in our pet nutrition program, which helps them educate and guide customers. EarthWise franchisees and their teams get to know customers and their pets one-on-one, building relationships that last.

We carefully curate our all-natural pet food brand selections. In fact, most of our distributors and vendors sell only to specialty retailers like EarthWise. Such restrictions prevent larger retailers from offering the same products we carry.

Those are two of the big reasons EarthWise is able to compete with online retailers. You can’t go online or to a big box discount retailer to get the kind of one-on-one support and bonding that comes from the EarthWise retail experience, and it’s much harder to offer the kind of holistic brands we specialize in.

A cardboard box on its side is open to reveal three brown-and-white tabby kittens and one orange-and-cream tabby kitten.

Driving referrals to our services

Americans spend an estimated $70 billion a year on our pets, a number that continues to grow annually. Millennials comprise the largest segment of our estimated 210 million pets, and they’re a big part of the movement that increasingly looks at pets as members of the household and treats them accordingly.

EarthWise not only offers a holistic approach to your pets’ health, we help consumers keep them well-groomed and happy. Our grooming services include bookable appointments with certified grooms as well as a self-wash station where people can DIY without worrying about the mess.

People who are really invested in their pets’ health often learn about EarthWise through our community partnerships, one of the many aspects of our local marketing efforts. Those word-of-mouth referrals from other pet professionals, like dog walkers, are a two-way street, and that can be invaluable for both our franchisees and our customers.

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