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Do you have what it takes to be an EarthWise Pet Supply franchisee?
Dianna Bailer | 31 March

EarthWise franchisee qualifications are straightforward, but we’re also looking for a special something in everyone who signs a franchise agreement

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A woman and man and cityscape are in the blurry background of a cream-colored dog running happily up a concrete pathway toward the camera on a cloudy day.
Capturing consumer demand for better pet food may be a matter of location
Dianna Bailer | 12 March

EarthWise is in a strong position as a pet food franchise because we operate in urban markets where pet spending

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An English bulldog closes his eyes as someone brushes and blow dries his hair.
It’s all about good grooming
Dianna Bailer | 13 January

Hiring quality groomers is not just the key to a successful grooming franchise, it’s a great way to increase the

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Two yellow labs in plush reindeer antlers flank a pale Chihuahua who is also wearing plush reindeer antlers
EarthWise Pet Franchise Review: Eileen Anderson of Canby, Oregon
Dianna Bailer | 16 December

As an owner of a Nature’s Pet franchise (EarthWise’s sister brand) since 2013, this former software developer formed a new

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A young woman with a long curly ponytail, a grey wool cap and a grey sweater is smiling and hugging her Siberian husky from behind as they look over a bridge railing on a foggy day.
What’s our mission?
Dianna Bailer | 22 October

The EarthWise Pet company mission is all about the animals, and the humans get a lot of benefit from that,

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Mark and Vickie Pagan, with their Bernese Mountain Dogs Sesi, Kobuk & Kenai, stand next to a lake with a snow-capped mountain in the background.
EarthWise Franchise Review: Mark Pagan of Oregon
Dianna Bailer | 8 October

How the love of Bernese Mountain Dogs sparked a booming franchise business with locations in Medford and Ashland Oregon Mark

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Small white terrier with orange ears and black nose gives a low-five to a young woman sitting cross-legged on a white bed.
They like us. They really like us.
Dianna Bailer | 25 September

EarthWise is no ordinary pet franchise. See what consumers have to say about why they love EarthWise Pet Supply. EarthWise

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A young woman in a pink smock is trimming the front nails of a small white dog on a grooming table in a white room with blue doors.
How our franchisees make money
Dianna Bailer | 5 September

Multiple revenue streams and staking a claim as the go-to pet care experts in our communities gives EarthWise pet franchises

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