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See average retail revenue performance and download a detailed report

Average annual retail and services revenue for stores in operation for more than 2 years across the EarthWise brand in 2017 was more than $830,000, according to the EarthWise Franchise Disclosure Document. Top performing stores were over a million.

Much more detailed financial details are available in our free franchise report — including a look at financial performance by store size and demographics, a look at the average spent on grooming services, and a breakdown of retail costs. To get a copy of the report, fill out the contact form below.

What we can tell you: We know that the bottom line matters to our franchisees, so we make profitability a priority. EarthWise continues to expand its brand into the service sector to help drive new revenue and create deeper bonds with our customers.

“Our view is that economic pressures are always there, and yes, it changes and modifies, but how can we maximize our margins, how can we maximize our revenues? That’s why we are pushing into the services side,” says CEO Michael Seitz. “Up to this point, we just focused a lot on nutrition education, and then recently we’ve taken it a whole step further and launched an actual certified pet dietitian program.”

By focusing on services beyond retail, EarthWise franchise owners can build stronger customer relationships and serve a wider range of pet needs within their market.


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