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The average gross retail sales for stores in operation for 36 months across the EarthWise brand in 2019 was $539,945, according to the EarthWise Franchise Disclosure Document. Top-performing stores have an average sales of $857,114. Neither figure includes additional revenue from dog grooming or other pet services.

We cannot make any promises or guarantees about earnings. However, qualified candidates can get a much more detailed financial picture as reported by franchisees in our free franchise report — including detailed look at financial performance, a look at the average spent on grooming services, and a breakdown of retail costs. To get a copy of your report, just fill out the form on this page.

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What we can tell you

We know that the bottom line matters to our franchisees, so we make profitability a priority. One of the ways we do that is by continuing to expand our service offerings to help generate more revenue and to create deeper bonds with our customers.

“We’re always looking at ways to maximize our margins and maximize our revenues. That’s why we are pushing into the services side,” says CEO Mike Seitz.

The future of grooming

Grooming factors large into the future of EarthWise, and it’s also deeply rooted in our brand. Seitz’ parents opened the first grooming facility in 1977, added retail in 1978 and the combined retail and service operation eventually morphed into the EarthWise Pet Supply people know and love today.

With an average ticket in 2019 of over $58, full-service grooming is a lucrative area to focus on. EarthWise is rolling out a new grooming-only model. “That has no retail at all in it,” Seitz says. “It’s just grooming and self-wash.”

By focusing on services beyond retail, EarthWise franchise owners can build stronger customer relationships and serve a wider range of pet needs within their market. The separate grooming services facility will present opportunities to EarthWise franchisees. They can boost groomer retention by offering a path to franchise ownership, and they can also invest in those stand-alone grooming facilities themselves to supplement their EarthWise retail revenues.

Pet industry is ‘bulletproof’

No industry is completely recession-proof, but the pet industry comes very close. EarthWise Pet franchisee Mason Hartman of Oregon describes the pet industry as “bulletproof. People want to take care of their pets, the pets have to eat, and pets are not going away.

“With all that in mind, the pet industry just keeps on growing and growing. I started this business in 2010, when we were in the middle of a recession, and it’s been strong ever since.”

While many big-box retailers are worried about ecommerce, EarthWise has created our own specialty niche that allows us to compete in ways the warehouse pet supply places — and online — just can’t.

Customer intimacy and community connection are where we shine. EarthWise trains franchisees and their staffs to be experts on our eco-friendly, all-natural food and product lines. Pet lovers in our community know they can count on us for sound advice, and we can connect with them one on one.

That’s something you typically don’t find at big pet retail stores, and automation and artificial intelligence can only go so far. Customers feel plugged in when talking to EarthWise Pet staffers who love and care for pets of their own. Our franchise brand is very invested in these relationships, which gives our supply and pet grooming franchise a competitive edge.

The core of any pet franchise is a combination of a solid earnings structure and the potential for a high rate of return on investment. Your revenue matters to us. Learn more about our financials and our business model by downloading your free EarthWise Pet Supply Franchise eBook. To access it, just fill out the form on this page.


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