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We strive to be among the best pet franchises with our holistic approach to serving pets and their people

The very first thing you should understand about EarthWise Pet Supply is this: We don’t sell pets.

We never did.

What we are is a 40-year-old brand focused on all-natural pet food, eco-friendly toys and supplies, grooming services and helping improve the bond between pets and their people. Our franchisees become their community’s go-to resource for all things pet-related. As such, we have built a unique niche in the booming $75 billion pet care industry as one of the most trusted dog grooming and natural pet food franchises. Our founding family opened the first location in 1977, and today we have over 50 locations nationwide.

“As a family, we always loved animals,” says CEO Mike Seitz, son of the company’s founders. “I grew up in a really unique situation; we had two and a half acres in the middle of the city, so we had horse stables, we had a llama, we had sheep, we had goats.”

When they opened their first pet supply store in 1977 in Huntington Beach, California, Seitz says, “it was something that we knew we could grow, but more than anything it was the love for animals, and that’s always been a part of the family.”

What sets us apart

When it comes to the services, food and supplies we sell, it’s all about quality and expertise. We train franchisees and staff on pet nutrition and wellness so customers know they can turn to us for advice. Retail can be a challenging landscape these days, but we offer customers a curated shopping experience that is laser-focused on eco-friendly, holistic and all-natural brands. That sets us apart from big-box pet warehouses or Amazon.com.

“The thing that sets us apart and will continue to do so is education about our products, being able to help people with their animals and directly provide that expert customer service that they’re not going to get anywhere else, because that’s what people really want,” says franchisee Eileen Anderson.


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What we do

EarthWise pet franchise is a full-service pet care hub. Customers come to us for:

Expertise: An EarthWise Pet franchise sets itself apart by teaching customers how to help their pets live longer and healthier. “That includes proper nutrition, making sure that you’re taking your pet to the vet, getting your dog groomed regularly, going on walks, using experienced pet sitters — all these different services,” says Seitz. We offer some of these services directly. In other cases, we connect customers to resources in the community.

Grooming: We offer full-service professional grooming as well as self-service dog wash facilities in a pet-friendly, safe environment that reduces stress for our furry friends. All dogs are expertly groomed by qualified professionals. Self-wash areas are spa-like and easy-to-use, attracting customers who don’t want the hassle of clean-up at home.

Home delivery: We make it as convenient as possible for customers to take care of the pets they love. In some locations, we even offer same-day delivery. Combined with our carefully curated product lines, this allows us to easily compete with online retailers.

Retail sales: EarthWise sells a large variety of all-natural pet products that meet both general and unique needs, such as grain-free or raw diets. Certified green products are sourced from some of the most respected brands in the pet supply industry, which often don’t sell to the big-box supply stores. That helps set us apart from competitors.

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Why customers love us

EarthWise customers come to us because they want their furry companions to be happy and healthy, and they trust us to provide proper nutrition and care.

American attitudes toward pets have changed dramatically over the past generation. A recent Harris Poll showed that 95% of Americans see pets as part of the family. As a result, pet owners now place a premium on the needs and well-being of their pets.

We’re in a high-growth industry, and we’re positioned to capture an increasing share of that growth thanks to the way our brand’s values align with industry trends. By educating pet owners and providing access to an array of services and natural, healthy products, EarthWise Pet Supply franchises win trust and loyalty from our customers.

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