What’s our mission?

What’s our mission?

The EarthWise Pet company mission is all about the animals, and the humans get a lot of benefit from that, too

A young woman with a long curly ponytail, a grey wool cap and a grey sweater is smiling and hugging her Siberian husky from behind as they look over a bridge railing on a foggy day.
EarthWise understands how much people love their pets. That’s because we’re just as passionate about our own pets.

Since we opened our first store in Huntington Beach, California, in 1977, EarthWise Pet has certainly gone through some changes. Today we’re a pet supply and services company that offers up only all-natural products, for instance. But one thing has remained constant: our EarthWise Pet company mission.
We’ve always believed passionately in our mission to improve the lives of animals. Specifically, today’s mission statement reads:
We strive to better the lives of pets and their owners through proper education, exceptional customer service, all natural products, and green business practices.
Through our franchise system, every store feels like a community store — because it is. Franchisees own and operate stores in their community where they can offer experienced full-service dog grooming, a self-wash station, all-natural pet foods and supplies that consumers often can’t find elsewhere and a staff that is trained to be an expert on all our products and services.

Why our mission matters

One of the ways EarthWise Pet is able to compete with not only big-box pet supply retailers but even online merchants is that we have created a specialty niche. Customer intimacy and community connection are two very important brand pillars.

We offer extensive training to our franchise owners and their staff so that they become experts on our carefully curated product lines. When people want a cat food that helps a cat’s digestion or a supplement that helps improve a dog’s coat, they know they can ask their local EarthWise staff.

EarthWise is increasingly offering the kinds of convenience afforded by online shopping, such as home delivery, but nothing can compete with the face-to-face interaction pet lovers know they can find in our stores.

“Staff was so helpful and informative, and helped me pick a brand I was excited to try,” Lisa B. wrote in her 5-star Facebook review of the Huntsville, Alabama, store. “They have brands I’ve never seen in other stores. I was impressed with the knowledge of the gentleman that helped me. He knew the backstory of companies and who responsibly resources ingredients.”

Our logo tells the story, too

The distinctive EarthWise logo is meant to be more than just a simple icon that will stick in the minds of consumers. Our story, and our mission, are conveyed in its symbols.

logo with the green outline of a leaf. Inside is a green silhouette of a wolf standing on a rock howling at the moon.


The green outline of the leaf of a Banyan tree represents the green products and eco-friendly business practices we are committed to. The Banyan Tree is famous for putting down roots above the ground to support new branches and provide strength that supports the whole tree. Each new store we open adds another root to support the system as a whole.
The wolf on the rock represents our stance that proper nutrition is best understood by looking at the natural eating habits of our pets’ ancestors (such as the wolf) and replicating their natural diet as much as possible.

What we believe

At EarthWise, we’ve worked hard to further define our mission by laying out the core beliefs of our brand. While our franchisees come from all walks of life, they all have at least one thing in common: They’re passionate about pets.

It’s also important that they share these core beliefs of the EarthWise Pet Supply brand:

  • We believe pets are an integral part of our families and deserve our utmost kindness and respect.
  • We believe pets should receive the best care possible.
  • We believe proper nutrition is an essential component to ensuring our pets are given the best chance for sustained health and long-term well-being.
  • We believe in promoting products that use green practices and recycled materials.
  • We believe in offering a wide range of natural products that fit varying family budgets.
  • We believe in supporting local shelters and rescues and remain committed to reducing pet overpopulation.
  • We believe in providing our customers the best customer service and most knowledgeable staff in the pet supply industry.
  • We believe in using sustainable business practices whenever possible in order to preserve our natural environment.

Learn more about the business opportunity

If the EarthWise Pet company mission is something you believe in, you might be the next franchise owner we’ve been looking for. Fill out the form on this page to download your free Franchise Information Report. You can also learn more about our brand through our website.