Special pet nutrition drives sales for franchisees

Special pet nutrition drives sales for franchisees

Pet store franchises of old carried mostly treats. Today’s EarthWise offers a broad variety of specialty dog and cat food, bringing in customers time after time.

A customer walking into an EarthWise Pet Supply today isn’t the same customer walking into a pet store franchise of 25 years ago. That customer might have been looking to purchase a dog or cat. Today’s EarthWise customer might be looking for an easy-to-digest food for a cat with IBD or a grain-free option for a dog with allergies.

EarthWise is everything you want in a modern pet store franchise: We don’t sell pets (and never did); we sell the food, supplies and services that today’s pet parents increasingly crave for their fur babies. EarthWise Pet strives to be the go-to resource in the community. We love our pets as much as our customers do, and just like them, we consider them to be members of our family.

That’s why EarthWise customers value our ability to meet nutritional needs — whether that’s an easy-to-digest food for a cat with IBD, a grain-free option for a dog with allergies, or simply healthy food made with quality ingredients.

How pet nutrition drives sales

As Pet Product News wrote recently, “Consumers are increasingly searching for whole-food ingredients on packaging labels, as they begin to understand more about the various processes employed to make their pets’ foods. And, for many shoppers, independent pet specialty retailers are the category gatekeepers that allow them to feel confident that what’s on their local pet store shelves meet their standards for what is considered natural.

“‘Natural diets have no byproducts,’ said Mary Anne Novak, co-owner of EarthWise Pet Supply East Village in San Diego. “We look for whole meat on ingredient lists. We prefer fresh meat in the ingredient panel. We look at the first three ingredients, and that tells all.’”

EarthWise offers a variety of premium specialty pet food brands and treats, and our franchisees and their staffs are trained to provide expert information and advice on all the brands we carry, which are certified green and sourced from the most respected names in the industry.

“The thing that sets us apart and will continue to do so is education about our products, being able to help people with their animals and directly provide that expert customer service that they’re not going to get anywhere else, because that’s what people really want,” says EarthWise franchisee Eileen Anderson.

With so many households owning pets, the market for specialty food continues to grow. The American Pet Products Association says the economy has little effect on pet food spending, particularly in households without children. In fact, in a recent APPA survey, 80% of families with no children under 18 indicated the economy has no impact on spending habits related to their pets.

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