Pivot toward your passion

Pivot toward your passion

A woman is walking hurriedly past a refrigerator case at the end of an aisle of all-natural pet foods and products in an EarthWise Pet store.

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“Pivot.” From businesses to schools to life in general, that seems to be the buzzword these days. If you’ve been spending any of your time at home thinking about whether you’re in the right career, it might be time to pivot toward your passion.

If your passion involves animals, we have some good news: Pet spending has been so strong, even in the midst of the pandemic, that EarthWise Pet Supply is continuing to open franchises.

Candidates need a minimum net worth of $300,000 and liquid capital of at least $100,000. Startup costs are $230,500 to $565,500. EarthWise franchisees don’t need any specialized business background. 

Sioux Falls, SD, franchise owner Julie Ward and her husband, Scott, had good careers in home health care and customer service management, respectively, but both wanted something more. They’ve been able to feed that passion by joining the EarthWise Pet franchise family.

“Every day, we get to interact with people who are like us,” she says. “They’re all pet lovers and they are passionate about their pet’s wellness. Some are further along in their knowledge, and some take a bigger interest in it than others, but every day we get to talk to people and help educate them about what’s best for their pets.”

A look at our current franchisees

EarthWise Pet has an extremely diverse group of franchisees. Here’s a look at some of their very divergent backgrounds:

  • Teacher
  • CPA
  • Top-level executive
  • Armed forces
  • Insurance salesperson
  • Pilot
  • Engineer
  • Pharmacist
  • Retail store manager
  • Groomer
  • Hair stylist
  • Waitress 
  • Recent college graduate
  • Marketing specialist

The most important qualities you need for success

While we believe prior industry experience isn’t necessary, we are looking for franchise owners that are:

  • Outgoing
  • Passionate about pet nutrition education
  • Committed to service (not just to retail sales)
  • Current or former pet owners
  • Relationship driven

The $75B pet industry is booming

The pet industry is a $75 billion business and is showing no signs of slowing down. Since the pandemic, more people than ever are interested in having pets.

According to USA Today, “More than one-third, or 34%, of pet owners have increased their pet-related spending since the pandemic began, according to a new survey by LendingTree. Only 17% are spending less, while the rest are spending about the same.”

If you’re passionate about pets and you’ve been seeking ways to make your life more meaningful, EarthWise Pet Supply franchise ownership could be a great career choice.

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