Pet industry, demand for premium services keep growing

Pet industry, demand for premium services keep growing

A man wearing a knit cap playfully tries to put headphones on his brindle French bulldog.

With 70% of pet parents saying their pets helped them survive the pandemic, there’s more need now than ever for EarthWise Pet’s services

There are many heartwarming stories involving pets and the pandemic, but there are business lessons as well. It cannot escape notice that one of those lessons is intertwined with so many of those stories, as a recent Kinship Partners poll shows.

Among more than 1,000 pet parents surveyed, 71% said they could not have survived 2020 without their pets by their side. Another 84% said the pandemic made them realize how much they benefit by having pets in their lives.

Poll results like these are everywhere, illustrating the psychology behind the rapidly growing $95 billion pet industry.

The pet industry and our place in it

EarthWise Pet franchises hold a special niche in the pet care industry, and we have for over 40 years. Our pet supply stores sell all-natural pet food and supplies. We don’t sell animals; we never have. Instead, we partner with local animal shelters and nonprofit organizations to help pets in need find their forever homes.

We have a clear mission to help better our communities for pets and the people who love them. We offer full-service grooming as well as self-wash grooming stations, which are great ways to add additional streams of revenue. Our organic and all-natural product base appeals to the consumer base who believe in investing in the health and well-being of their pets. Millennial pet parents especially prioritize premium care: About 78% expect pet products to be BPA-free, natural or organic, and hypoallergenic, according to Wakefield Research. 

The Kinship Partners poll notes, “While costs are a concern for many pet parents, they are still willing to splurge on food/treats (85%), toys (78%), and even clothing (48%) for their pet(s). In addition, when it comes to choosing products for their pet(s), they would choose their pet’s health/wellness (86%) over cost (14%).”

EarthWise Pet franchises provide training to our owners so at least one certified pet nutrition expert is on staff at every location. We provide in-depth knowledge with customer intimacy, and we combine that with the convenience of online shopping and home delivery to keep our edge over big-box and online-only retailers.

Is this pet industry boom going to continue growing? Most indicators point to yes. A final word from the Kinship poll:

“90% of pet parents have built a stronger bond with their pet through 2020, and 86% of pet parents feel closer with their pet(s) than ever before. Furthermore, 91% of pet parents think that their pet has liked having them home more in 2020.”

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