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A look at what makes EarthWise Pet different from others in the pet industry

EarthWise Pet franchises provide a holistic approach to pet care that helps customers keep their pets healthy and happy. That means more than selling great food and fun toys. It means serving as a trusted resource for customers.

Customers trust that we love their pets as much as they do. They trust that we don’t take shortcuts when it comes to providing the best products and the best care.

The pet industry is $70B and growing

According to the American Pet Product Association (APPA), Americans spend more than $70 billion a year on our pets. 

IBISWorld estimates that within the segment, pet supply stores saw revenues increase at an annualized rate of 2.7% — to $18.7 billion — from 2012 to 2017. That growth rate is expected to remain steady into the foreseeable future.

Continued growth will be driven by a number of economic and demographic factors, according to IBISWorld:

    1. The number of pets in the United States is expected to grow to more than 210 million, a growth rate of nearly 4%, through 2022. Three demographics are increasingly owning pets: single-person households, Millennials and the aging population. Millennials make up the largest portion of new owners. 
    2. More and more, consumers treat pets like family members. As disposable income levels increase, pet lovers often splurge on higher-quality products or services.
    3. The number of American households is expected to increase through 2022. Given some 65% of households report owning a pet, demand for pet-related products and services also is likely to increase.spending on pets

Meanwhile, according to estimates from the APPA, Americans spent $5.4 billion on pet grooming and boarding services in 2017. Grooming is becoming increasingly popular thanks to advances in technology and the evolution of a safer, more comfortable experience for pets.

Brand positioning

EarthWise’s brand positioning and business model help us sidestep some of the pressures facing traditional retailers. While big box stores increasingly struggle to compete with online retailers like, EarthWise Pet enjoys significant advantages:

Our retail offerings are curated. We’ve been a leader in all-natural pet food since the category began to emerge in the 1980s. For many brands, the founding family’s stores were one of their largest volume retailers in their early days. While some of the larger retailers carry one or two of our brands, the majority of EarthWise distributors and vendors only sell to specialty retailers. Such restrictions prevent larger retailers from offering the same types of products carried in our EarthWise stores.

Customers rely on us as experts. Our franchise owners, with the assistance of our pet nutrition certification program, help educate and guide customers. It’s the kind of one-on-one support that consumers don’t experience when buying online or browsing the dozens of aisles in some massive big box pet retailer.

Manageable store size. Ideally, EarthWise franchise locations range in size from 1,600 square feet to 2,000 square feet. Within that footprint is a full retail store as well as grooming and self-wash services. We don’t need enormous amounts of space to have a huge impact on our communities.

Strong margins. We compete on the basis of quality, not just price. Our customers are happy to pay more to provide their pets the best, and also gravitate toward products that are safe for the environment.

We become a hub for all pet needs. EarthWise Pet owners work closely with animal rescue organizations and other pet services providers in the community. Word-of-mouth from customers and from other pet care providers helps build our brand.


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