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All-natural pet food lines and all-natural, eco-friendly pet products are designed to give pets a better quality of life. Every one of our pet care franchise owners is trained on the details of these lines to better inform customers.
Pandemic leads to more pampered pets
Franchise Performance Group | 15 October

More devoted pet parents could mean more business for EarthWise pet care franchise EarthWise Pet Supply decided a long time

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A woman is walking hurriedly past a refrigerator case at the end of an aisle of all-natural pet foods and products in an EarthWise Pet store.
Pet spending continues unabated
Franchise Performance Group | 10 September

An EarthWise pet supplies franchise has staying power even in tough economic times We are in an industry that can

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Back rear view of young woman sitting on sofa with dog holding a smartphone with a screen showing EarthWise Pet Supply website.
Here’s how we’ve shown we care during the pandemic
Franchise Performance Group | 11 August

The best pet franchises were already offering online sales and home delivery when coronavirus hit Adaptability is key for businesses,

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In an overhead shot, an orange kitten rests with his paws on the keyboard as a man’s hands with denim sleeves rolled up types on the laptop around him. A smartphone and a small succulent are on the counter to the right of the laptop.
As coronavirus reshapes life and business, the pet industry shines
Franchise Performance Group | 2 July

Here’s why the pet supply industry in general, and EarthWise Pet in particular, is in good shape If there’s been

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EarthWise Pet franchisees Thomas Manning and Kinda Summers are pictured in front of their store delivery van with their daughter and Wenatchee store manager Mackenzie Crawford, groomer Cassy Ellis, and their other daughter and Yakima store manager Kelsey Manning. Shop dog Sadie is pictured in front of the group in her Wonder Woman outfit.
Neither fire nor pandemic can stop this EarthWise franchisee
Franchise Performance Group | 27 May

New EarthWise location opens in Wenatchee, Washington, despite some major challenges The April 3 opening of the Wenatchee, Washington, EarthWise

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A woman lying on the floor hugs a dog on her left and a cat on her right.
How EarthWise Pet Supply franchise is responding to COVID-19
Franchise Performance Group | 20 April

There are still bright spots in these dark times. EarthWise Pet Supply responds to coronavirus by doing everything we can

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Two dogs wearing ties sit in white chairs at a desk with a keyboard and computer screen.
Do you have what it takes to be an EarthWise Pet Supply franchisee?
Franchise Performance Group | 31 March

EarthWise franchisee qualifications are straightforward, but we’re also looking for a special something in everyone who signs a franchise agreement

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A woman and man and cityscape are in the blurry background of a cream-colored dog running happily up a concrete pathway toward the camera on a cloudy day.
Capturing consumer demand for better pet food may be a matter of location
Franchise Performance Group | 12 March

EarthWise is in a strong position as a pet food franchise because we operate in urban markets where pet spending

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