More Millennials own pets

More Millennials own pets

How EarthWise pet franchise is positioned to meet this demographic’s growing demand for supplies and services

A young woman holding a brown and white dog with a green bandana is taking a selfie of herself and her dog.

How important are people’s pets, really? According to, 87% of pet owners factor their pets into their home-buying decision, and 75% would choose not to buy their dream home if it wasn’t right for their four-legged friends.

Did we say friends? Pets are more like family these days, and a modern pet franchise like EarthWise Pet Supply understands that. Millennials are the largest pet-owning demographic these days according to multiple surveys, with 90% of home-owning Millennials likely to have pets.

Four-legged family members

As people are marrying older and having fewer kids, they increasingly treat pets like family — and their spending habits increasingly reflect that:

  • Millennial dog owners spend $67 billion a year on their dogs
  • Millennial cat owners spend $33.5 billion a year
  • 68% of Millennials would take leave from work to care for a new pet if their employer offered it.
  • 55% of Millennials believe a dog’s styling is essential
  • 53% of Millennials believe it’s important to dine with their pets
  • 87% of all pet owners consider their pets’ needs when choosing a home
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EarthWise is what pet owners crave

Franchisees with EarthWise Pet Supply share at least one trait in common: Pets are their passion. At EarthWise, we believe pets are family. That’s why we exclusively provide environmentally sustainable, all-natural food and pet products. We have on-site grooming services that are essential for a dog’s hygiene, which affects both physical and mental health. For customers who prefer, many of our locations also have self-wash stations, which lets them handle the cleaning without the messy clean-up afterward.

EarthWise offers comprehensive, ongoing training to ensure that franchise owners and their teams can offer customers the expert advice they need for healthy, happy pets. We don’t sell pets. We sell the products and services responsible pet owners are looking for. We focus on quality rather than price point, and our margins are strong.

Can you open your own EarthWise pet franchise?

The numbers may surprise you, because our startup investment is surprisingly affordable. Our startup costs range from $233,000 – $568,000, and qualified candidates need a minimum liquidity of $75,000 and a net worth of at least $300,000.

The $70 billion pet care industry is projected to continue growing, as it has historically done for decades under any economic conditions. While no franchise is recession-proof, EarthWise Pet Supply occupies a leading position in a segment that is decidedly recession-resistant and high-growth. Pet-related industries are among the best businesses to get into.

We don’t require any specialized background. Ideal candidates share our passion for pets and possess business acumen. Entrepreneurial or management experience is strongly preferred.

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