It’s all about good grooming

It’s all about good grooming

Hiring quality groomers is not just the key to a successful grooming franchise, it’s a great way to increase the bottom line at your EarthWise franchise

 An English bulldog closes his eyes as someone brushes and blow dries his hair.

We don’t like giving away company secrets, but we will say this: Attracting and retaining quality dog groomers is one of the keys to being successful with your EarthWise Pet Supply franchise.

Grooming is about more than good looks; it’s vital to the health of your animal. And if you’re an EarthWise Pet Supply franchisee, it’s vital to the health of your bottom line.

A full-service average grooming ticket in 2018 was over $57, according to our 2019 Franchise Disclosure Document. We are continually working on ways to drive more customer traffic to these lucrative services.

Hiring the best groomers possible

Over the years at EarthWise, we’ve perfected our systems for finding and employing the best groomers. We know what to do to keep those groomers happy and operating at a high level of efficiency in their business.

“We know the process for hiring groomers,” says Dan Webb, President and COO of EarthWise Pet Supply. “We know where to find those groomers. If you don’t know where to find them, it’s going to be really scary to try and approach that. There are some big-box pet supply stores who have approached us because they also are struggling to retain their groomers and they’re not sure why. They’re reaching out to us for advice and counsel, although of course we’re not going to divulge all of our trade secrets.”

One secret we will reveal is that retention is relatively simple: You have to be a people person. Yes, EarthWise franchisees absolutely must love pets. But the successful ones love people, too — and know how to treat them.

“The person who struggles to manage individuals and provide the appropriate benefits, that person is going to have a hard time retaining groomers,” Webb says.

“But we know how to do that as well,” he says. “We know what it is they want, what they need, and the things that we can provide. If you follow our system, you’re going to retain your groomers.”

A retail shop and grooming franchise rolled into one

Grooming is an $8 billion industry, market research firm IBISWorld reports, with an annual growth rate projected at 2.5% through 2022. “Rising pet ownership will increase demand for services, and per capita income will allow more owners to be able to afford luxury services,” IBISWorld writes.

Grooming is a strong business in its own right, and it also works nicely alongside the retail side of EarthWise Pet Supply to generate additional sales.

People bring their dogs to us because they know how vital good grooming is to maintaining a dog’s optimum health. Grooming of course shapes up a dog’s coat to keep him looking good, but groomers can also detect fleas, ticks, lumps and signs of sickness. Grooming services are perfectly aligned with the EarthWise mission of helping pets live healthier, happier lives.

Human hands gently hold a dog’s paw and trim his nails.
And on their way to their grooming appointments in the back of a typical EarthWise store, proud pet parents will be walking past aisles full of great food, fun toys, and natural treats, which encourages more purchases. EarthWise Pet also maintains self-wash stations to encourage grooming at all price points.

Pet parents who come in for food, toys and treats also learn about grooming options when they visit the store, which creates a great opportunity to provide additional help and generate more revenue.

“We know what we’re doing when it comes to services,” Webb says. “It’s very efficient. It’s a well-run machine and it can be very profitable.”

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EarthWise Pet has all the benefits of a grooming franchise and more. We are a trusted resource for pets and the people who love them, and we maintain high standards for the services and products we provide. Fill out the form on this page to download our franchise report. You can also learn more about our brand by exploring our website.