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Here’s a look at the initial investment
to start the business

Startup costs for EarthWise franchises range from $233,000 to $568,000. EarthWise has partnered with several organizations to help franchisees finance their business. Depending on your credit score and a few other criteria, we can let you know if you are a good candidate for 3rd party financing.

The details of expected costs for an EarthWise franchise are outlined in the Franchise Disclosure Document (Item 7 – below).

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Initial Franchise Fee$39,500Cash, Cashier’s check, ACH, or bank wire transferSee Note 1, belowUs
Initial Training Fee$19,500Cash, Cashier’s check, ACH, or bank wire transferSee Note 2, belowUs
Utilities Deposits and Payments$1,000 to $3,000As required by vendorAs IncurredLandlord, Utility Companies and Suppliers
Fixtures and Equipment$20,000 to $60,000As required by vendorUpon Our Approval of Store LayoutUs or Approved Suppliers
Customized Point of Sale System$3,600 to $4,500As required by vendorUpon Our Approval of Store LayoutUs
Software Computer Hardware and Other Software$3,900 to $7,500As required by vendorUpon Our Approval of Store LayoutUs
Security System$500 to $3,000As required by vendorUpon Our Approval of Store LayoutApproved Suppliers
Tenant Improvements$30,000 to $175,000As required by vendorBefore OpeningApproved Suppliers
Tenant Improvements$30,000 to $175,000As required by vendorBefore OpeningLandlord, Suppliers
Signage$5,000 to $20,000As required by vendorAs IncurredUs or Approved Suppliers
Franchise Premises Rent (deposit and 3 months)$15,000 to $30,000As required by vendorAs IncurredLandlord
Inventory$40,000 to $75,000As required by vendorBefore OpeningYou May Purchase (but are Not Required to Purchase) Some of the Initial Inventory from Us. You Must Purchase the Remainder of the Initial Inventory from Approved Suppliers.
Travel and Living Expenses While Training$500 to $7,500As required by vendorDuring TrainingAirlines, Hotels, Restaurants, etc.
Grand Opening Public Relations Firm4$2,500Cash, Cashier’s check, ACH, or bank wire transferUpon Our Approval of Store LayoutUs
Grand Opening Advertising$9,000 to $24,000As required by vendorBefore and in Conjunction with OpeningSuppliers
Insurance$2,000 to $3,500 (first three months)As required by vendorAs IncurredInsurance Provider(s)
Additional Funds – 3 Months (Note 5)$41,000 to $93,500As required by vendorAs IncurredEmployees, Suppliers, Miscellaneous, etc.
TOTAL$233,000 to $568,000

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Notes 1

The standard Initial Franchise Fee is payable $20,000 upon signing the Franchise Agreement, and the $19,500 balance is due 15 days after you sign the Franchise Agreement. However, for your second and any additional franchises you purchase simultaneously from us, the Initial Franchise Fee is reduced (by as much as 50% of the standard Initial Franchise Fee depending upon the number of franchises purchased simultaneously) and is payable as described in Items 5 and 10 of the Franchise Disclosure Document.

Notes 2

The Initial Training Fee is payable upon signing the Franchise Agreement. However, for your second and any additional franchises, the Initial Training Fee is $8,500 and is paid to us at the time the corresponding training is scheduled. However, in our discretion, we may choose to waive your obligation to pay the Initial Training Fee and to participate in additional training for your second and any additional franchises.

Notes 3

The figures in the Table above represent the estimated range for the security deposits and lease payments during the first three months of operation. You are solely responsible for obtaining and paying for a location for the franchise. The cost of purchasing or leasing premises for the franchise varies with the location and size of the premises. The recommended size of a Franchise Premises is from 1,000 to 3,500 square feet of merchandisable space (1,500 to 4,000 gross lease space). We will provide all specifications for your build out so that all franchise locations are regimented. A typical build out cost for your premises is $10 to $50 per square foot if applicable, which may or may not be paid for by the landlord as tenant improvements under the lease arrangement. You will be responsible for any build out costs not covered by your landlord as tenant improvements.

Notes 4

This fee is paid to us for grand opening public relations services provided by our third-party provider.

Notes 5

A minimum of $50,000 to $100,000 working capital is strongly recommended. You should plan on other sources of income to cover your living expenses. You will have the other usual expenses involved in establishing a business. These expenses vary greatly. They include, but are not limited to, attorney fees; sales tax bonds (where required); employee wages; incorporation costs; business licenses, certificates and permits; and office supplies. You must pay all taxes required by local, state or federal laws related to the services furnished or used in connection with the operation of a Franchise. You are required to have access to a facsimile machine, telephone, email, and reliable transportation.

We estimate that the initial phase covered by the additional funds estimate will be approximately three months. Additional funds are provided only as estimates and apply only to your initial three months of operations of your first Franchise. The high and low range estimates are based on the experiences of our officers and affiliate in opening and operating similar businesses in Oregon. Your actual costs will depend upon many factors, including, how well you follow our directions and suggestions, your business skill and experience, local economic conditions and the local market.

Amounts paid to any third parties may be refundable, depending upon the contracts between them and you. Any fees paid to us are not refundable.

You should review these estimates with your business advisors before you decide to purchase the franchise or to make any expenditure.

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