How EarthWise Pet Supply franchise is responding to COVID-19

How EarthWise Pet Supply franchise is responding to COVID-19

There are still bright spots in these dark times. EarthWise Pet Supply responds to coronavirus by doing everything we can to serve customers safely.

A woman lying on the floor hugs a dog on her left and a cat on her right.

Most businesses are reeling in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. But pet spending isn’t stopping. “In the New York city area, the epicenter of the disease, there is suddenly a run on pets. At least of the adopted or fostered kind,” Bloomberg News reported on March 25. “Muddy Paws Rescue and Best Friends Animal Society are reporting shelters they work with are either all out of or almost out of cats and dogs after a surge in applications of as much as 10-fold in the past two weeks.”

What that means for EarthWise franchises is that we have an opportunity to serve our customers — and the values and advantages that set us apart from online retailers are the same one that are keeping us strong during these uncertain times.

How EarthWise continues to serve customers

In these difficult times with most non-essential businesses closed and people sheltering in place, everyone is turning online — for entertainment, to stay in touch with friends, and to stock their pantries. We offer an online shopping platform, and it is backed by personal customer service and expertise that comes from our in-depth pet nutrition training and our love of pets. 

We are the pet experts. We make sure our franchisees and their staffs are knowledgeable about all of our all-natural food and product lines. When customers have questions, they can reach out anytime and know we’re providing recommendations based on our deep knowledge of their pets’ needs — not on an algorithm.

We have also offered home delivery for years, which has been a huge benefit to customers trying to stay at home as much as possible at the moment. Bloomberg reports that the increased demand fro online orders has forced some big box retailers to put people in a longer queue for delivery. Since EarthWise Pet Supply is operated by independent franchisees nationwide, they can be more nimble. They have the support and resources of a national brand, but a whole lot more flexibility to do what’s needed to serve their customers.

Explore ownership opportunities

Given the economic impact of the pandemic, many of you are thinking ahead to what’s next. We know a lot of you are doing your research and daydreaming about what life could be like when all of this is over. To that end, we welcome you to explore our franchise opportunity. The pet food, pet supply and dog grooming industries are extremely strong, as we’re ideally positioned to help serve a growing niche within the marketplace. Fill out the form below to get a Free Franchise Report and to start a conversation with one of our recruiters.