Fun, Friendship and Fur. Tales from Franchisees.

Fun, Friendship and Fur. Tales from Franchisees.

EarthWise Pet franchisees Thomas Manning and Kinda Summers are pictured in front of their store delivery van with their daughter and Wenatchee store manager Mackenzie Crawford, groomer Cassy Ellis, and their other daughter and Yakima store manager Kelsey Manning. Shop dog Sadie is pictured in front of the group in her Wonder Woman outfit.

Here’s what EarthWise Pet franchisees say they love about owning an all-natural pet supply franchise

Being an animal-lover seems less like a choice and more like a calling. Being an animal-lover who owns an all-natural pet supply franchise seems much the same.

When it comes to an EarthWise Pet Supply franchise, there are plenty of reasons to invest. The pet industry has continued to boom despite the pandemic, as more people than ever have been adopting cats and dogs for companionship. But the rewards of ownership are plenty personal. Here’s what a few EarthWise owners had to say about why they love owning our brand:

A family enterprise

Thomas Manning and wife Kinda Summers own EarthWise Pet locations in Yakima and Wenatchee, WA. Along with their two daughters, Kelsey Manning and Mackenzie Crawford, who each manage a location, the family survived a fire and the pandemic to get their second store open in Wenatchee.

“The most important thing to me is that we’re doing it right,” says Thomas. “We’re dealing with people’s animals that are like children to them.”

As Kelsey told one local news outlet, part of the appeal of owning EarthWise Pet franchises was the pet nutrition certification program. “We want to help the people feel like they are giving the best care to their dogs and cats,” she said.

Wellness for people and pets, too

Julie Ward and her husband, Scott, opened their first EarthWise franchise in Sioux Falls, SD, in 2018. They love the customer education piece of being EarthWise owners, which allows them to guide EarthWise guests through the pros and cons of different kinds of all-natural pet food. They also love the trend toward health and wellness not just for people but for their pets.

“Every day we get to interact with people who are like us,” says Julie. “They’re all pet lovers and they are passionate about their pet’s wellness. Some are further along in their knowledge, and some take a bigger interest in it than others, but every day we get to talk to people and help educate them about what’s best for their pets.”

Freedom and fun

Mason Hartman, an EarthWise Pet franchise owner in Oregon since 2010, is one of the brand’s earliest franchise owners. He had a long history in customer-service oriented retail before joining EarthWise.

He really loves being an EarthWise owner because “it’s a chance to do business the way that I feel is best for my customers. Even with my former employer (Nordstrom), who is known for customer service, you were still limited in what you could do. Having my own business for myself, I can cater to what I feel customers want and give them the best.”

The fun aspect also holds a lot of appeal, Mason said. “It’s kind of like a Cheers-sitcom lifestyle almost. Owning my own store and just being able to create an environment that I love working in. I can hire the people that I work well with and that I know will create a positive environment. I love coming to work and being able to have employees that really care about the customers, and when customers come in, they go straight to my employees. It’s a really neat environment to just be part of. It’s like a family. The customers are part of this big family instead of just having customers that come in and buy their bag of food and leave.” 

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