EarthWise Pet named one of nation’s Top 25 Pet Retailers

EarthWise Pet named one of nation’s Top 25 Pet Retailers

One reason we’re among the best pet franchises to invest in? Pet Business magazine deemed our company one of the best pet supply retailers in the country

EarthWise is pleased to announce we were recently included among Pet Business magazine’s Top 25 Pet Retailers. We already consider ourselves to be one of the best pet franchises in the country, and this kind of outside validation really makes our day. The 2019 list targeted pet retailers who continue to grow despite tremendous competition from both online retailers and non-specialty chains like grocery stores.

From left to right, a tabby cat a golden retriever, an orange-and-cream cat and a black dog with a white muzzle peek over a barrier, with their paws visible over the top, and only seen from their noses up.

What makes us a top brand

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that EarthWise Pet is nothing like the pet stores of old. We are a premier provider of pet supplies and services, and our grooming division is an increasingly strong revenue stream for our franchise owners.

We take a holistic approach to pet care, priding ourselves on the experience and education of our staff, management and owners. EarthWise Pet is a great place for people to get their cats’ favorite treats and their dogs’ favorite toys, but it’s so much more than that. We strive to stand out as a trusted resource for pets and the people who love them.

 A young Abyssinian cat with a goofy look on his face tilts his head to the left as he’s playing with a variety of off-white rope and yarn toys.

The number of pets in the U.S. is steadily increasing, and as more and more people treat their four-legged friends like family members, the amount people are willing to spend is rising, too. Americans spent an estimated $70 billion on pet care last year, according to the American Pet Product Association (APPA), and that number is growing at a steady pace. EarthWise Pet Supply, with our stock of premium pet foods, treats and toys, along with our first-class grooming facilities, is well-positioned to make the most of this trend. More importantly, we can meet the needs of pet-lovers.

Our past informed our future

EarthWise Pet was originally known as the family-owned Nature’s Pet Market in California. CEO Michael Seitz remembers growing up on a plot of land in the middle of a small city where his family cared for all different types of animals.

“We had a llama, we had sheep, we had goats, and literally, almost on a weekly basis, we would get a call from some police officer from the city saying, ‘Hey, a couple of your goats got out again,’ and they were running down the main roads,’” Seitz recalls.

A wide-eyed black-and-tan Chihuahua-type dog opens his mouth excitedly in anticipation of a small sausage-link treat flying toward his face. The background is blue ombre.
His family had always been passionate about animals (his mother was a pet groomer), and they took an interest in providing healthy food for pets. This was in 1977, when much less care was generally put into pet nutrition. We recognized early on that healthy natural pet food leads to healthier pets, and we have been an industry leader ever since.

APPA estimates the number of American household pets will continue growing by 4% per year, reaching about 210 million by 2022. As people continue spending more on their pets’ care and longevity — the APPA reported $54 billion was spent on pet grooming and boarding alone in 2017 — EarthWise will be rising to meet the challenge of providing the right services and supplies.

Become an EarthWise franchisee

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