Read what franchisees are saying about EarthWise

EarthWise franchisees come from all walks of life. In their previous lives, they might have been bankers, waitresses, pharmacists (and even a butler!). The one thing they all have in common? They’re as passionate about pets as we are. Here’s what some of them have to say about the EarthWise franchise ownership experience:

Solid business model, strong industry

“It’s just a solid business model. The pet industry, for lack of a better term, is bulletproof. People want to take care of their pets — their pets have to eat. With all that in mind, the pet industry just keeps on growing and growing. I started this business when we were in the middle of a recession, and it’s just been strong ever since. There are other industries like, say, the coffee industry or clothing industry that will suffer when the economy suffers because people might buy cheaper clothes, or not buy their Starbucks. But with pets, they want to take good care of them by buying good quality food or toys. Even if times are tight, they’re still going to buy food.”
EarthWise Pet Franchisee, Mark Pagan and his wife
Mark Pagan
Multi-store franchisee

Great franchisee support

“We just can’t say enough good things about the franchise owners. From Day One we just felt like we were being folded into this family. I think what we love the most about being part of this family is that there’s always someone there to help and to answer questions. I think they are constantly looking at how to improve the brand, at how to support the franchisees.”
EarthWise Pet Franchisee, Eileen and her husband
Julie Ward
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Passion for pets

“I chose this because I’ve always loved animals and, because of some pets that I’ve had over the years, nutrition was a huge focus for their ongoing health and quality of life. So, it just became a passion of mine. When my software job went away, I decided to pursue my dream of having a career where I worked with animals and was able to give them a better quality of life.”
close up photo of kitten lying on white textile
Eileen Anderson

The best decision

"It's really the best decision I've ever made. I don't regret it. Not one single day."
EarthWise Pet Franchisee Annie Giseta
Annie Griseta

We became the nutrition specialists

“We picked EarthWise Pet because every time we would go anywhere else, you would ask people about the best thing for your dog and nobody could tell you. It was all misinformation or no information at all. And it just got frustrating, even at Petco’s or small places, everyone was the same. Now we are the ones that are able to educate and help people and their pets."
A photo of Ray, Galvin, Bella and Daniel Crisologo sitting outside. The season appears to be Fall. Bella, their dog, sits in a red wagon full of hay and an apple sits next to her.
Daniel Crisologo

Be your own boss

“The nice part of this is I not only run it, I own it. We’re able to establish cultures and values that are consistent with our beliefs in customer service and pet nutrition. We also have a grooming salon in one of our stores and a couple of self-wash stations. Being the owners, for my wife and myself, is fun. We like what we do. We enjoy coming to work.”
EarthWise Pet Franchisee, Mark Pagan and his wife
Mark Pagan