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If you have a minimum $75K – $100K in liquid capital and a $300K net worth, financing shouldn’t be a problem

There are many ways to fund a franchise, and EarthWise Pet franchisees have tapped a variety of sources to get their businesses started. Generally, if you have around $100,000 in liquid assets and a net worth of $300,000 or more, there’s a good chance you will be able to secure financing for your EarthWise Pet franchise. Remember, you might have access to more liquid capital than you think — common funding sources include home equity loans and 401k rollovers — not just checking, savings and mutual funds.

Financing Options

EarthWise offers in-house financing and has partnered with third-party lenders to help you get the assistance you need to start your dream. To qualified candidates, these lenders can offer financing to cover the following: franchise fees, equipment, inventory, accounts receivable, and payroll.

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