EarthWise doesn’t know everything. But we come pretty close.

EarthWise doesn’t know everything. But we come pretty close.

An open can of Tiki Cat Wild Salmon Recipe in Salmon Consomme has a pink spoon stuck in it. A fluffy grey-and-white cat eats from a dish decorated in black cat silhouettes in the background.

Our franchisees know the ins and outs of every high-quality pet food brand we carry.

Nobody likes a know-it-all. But the depth of knowledge that comes from understanding a topic inside and out? That’s prized, and it’s something we pride ourselves on at EarthWise Pet Supply. EarthWise franchise owners and their staffs get thorough education on all the brands we carry in our all-natural pet supply stores.

That’s the very thing that gives us an edge over big-box retailers and online shopping, where pet-loving customers are much less likely to find the kind of subject-matter expertise that they know they can count on. 

Every franchise owner goes through our one-of-kind pet nutrition training program, and their staff members are encouraged to undergo the training as well. Every EarthWise Pet location has at least one person on staff who is certified as a Pet Nutrition Specialist in our program.

The program teaches participants advanced canine and feline nutrition to better guide customers through our array of raw, freeze-dried, and wet and dry pet food lines. Program participants must complete hundreds of hours worth of coursework, readings, and examinations.

A German shepherd puppy sleeps on a gray towel next to his food bowls with two chew toys tucked in under his belly.

Knowledge attracts customers

Whether consumers need an easy-to-digest food for their senior cat or some non-toxic chew toys for their new German shepherd puppy, EarthWise not only carries the brands they need, they provide the guidance toward the specific items that best suit their pets. Our franchise owners go the extra mile, and they reap the benefits by earning repeat business that might otherwise have gone to competitors.

“This place has been so wonderful to go to,” Brian M. wrote in a Yelp review of the Richardson, Texas, EarthWise location. “I mean, most places don’t pick up the phone during working hours and you leave a message. No one ever calls you back. This place did and it made my day. I was able to have your wonderful associate (N)ancy with the beautiful flower tattoo call me back and let me know she will stay a few minutes (late) to allow me to buy my pet some food. I’ve been going here for a few weeks and because of this I will always be loyal. I was anyway since (I’m) close by but now more so than ever.”

Of course, loyalty and convenience don’t always go hand-in-hand. EarthWise has a robust online shopping system and home delivery service that delivers goods straight to our consumers’ doorsteps, whether on a regular schedule or an as-needed basis.

That, along with our grooming salon and self-wash stations, gives EarthWise franchise owners multiple streams of revenue to help them boost profitability. And our depth of knowledge about pet nutrition and the all-natural pet food lines we carry gives us a competitive edge.

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