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Pandemic leads to more pampered pets

Pandemic leads to more pampered pets

More devoted pet parents could mean more business for EarthWise pet care franchise EarthWise Pet Supply decided a long time ago what kind of pet franchise we wanted to be.

Pet spending continues unabated

An EarthWise pet supplies franchise has staying power even in tough economic times We are in an industry that can go the distance. We know this not just because of

Capturing consumer demand for better pet food may be a matter of location

EarthWise is in a strong position as a pet food franchise because we operate in urban markets where pet spending is on the rise Americans’ interest in our pets is

Millennials are driving pet industry growth

Pets are more important in our lives than ever, and in no group is that more evident than among Millennials, according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA). Millennials don’t

Special pet nutrition drives sales for franchisees

Pet store franchises of old carried mostly treats. Today’s EarthWise offers a broad variety of specialty dog and cat food, bringing in customers time after time. A customer walking into

More Millennials own pets

How EarthWise pet franchise is positioned to meet this demographic’s growing demand for supplies and services How important are people’s pets, really? According to, 87% of pet owners factor

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