85 million and rising

85 million and rising

Finding the right franchise in the right industry at the right time isn’t that challenging when you’re a pet lover. A pet services franchise is ideal for any entrepreneur who understands that attitudes about pets have changed in recent years and that the industry is booming.

An estimated 85 million U.S. households say they own at least one pet, according to the American Pet Products Association. That’s an increase of 16% since 2010, when the number was at 73 million households.

It’s great news for our owners, who stand to benefit from the ever-growing number of that segment of Americans who proudly call themselves pet parents. EarthWise franchises are a premier provider of both services and high-quality pet food.

A van-patterned tabby and white cat eating out of a silver bowl on a white floor is flanked by two tan-and-white beagle-type dogs, also eating out of silver bowls. The photo is shot from a low perspective.

How much we spend on pet food

In the $70 billion pet care industry, about 42% of that money goes toward pet food. As pet owners increasingly consider themselves pet parents and the pets themselves as family, they’re getting choosier about what they feed their dogs and cats.

A Harris Poll survey of 1,000 dog owners, commissioned by Merrick Pet Care, showed 55% of Millennial pet owners say their dog eats higher-quality food than they do.

EarthWise is here for them, and our franchisees stand to benefit. In fact, our entire pet services franchise was founded on the idea of providing a better quality food for the pet-food buying public.

“As demand grew, there emerged a huge grouping of new amazing products, and we realized that there were enough natural products to go exclusively natural,” says CEO Michael Seitz.

A fluffy grey and white tabby kitten sits next to a yellow bowl full of kibble, with some spilled on the floor, as she stares at a golden Pomeranian dog eating from a green bowl right next to her.

From freeze-dried to canned, organic to grain-free, well-known brands like Greenies and Stella & Chewy’s to boutique-brand products, EarthWise has the product line that can help pet parents find the nutritional and wellness balance they’re seeking out for their fur babies. And we offer ongoing product training to our franchisees so they can speak as experts.

We are committed to stocking the best natural pet foods we can and providing the most caring service possible. Customer intimacy is what sets us apart. We are a trusted resource in the communities we do business in, which is one of our competitive advantages.

Our quality of service and high customer intimacy allows EarthWise Pet to provide something that online retailers can’t. While big box stores struggle to compete with the likes of Amazon, we have been thriving and growing across the country.

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